Business Challenges: Grow Up or Give Up

Each one of us goes through highs and lows in life. In this imperfect world, we strive to become the best person that we can be. But along the way, we face challenges that could change our lives forever. It is up to us how we look at these challenges.

Is the glass half full or half empty? People have different opinions.
In my case, I strive to see the beauty in imperfection. I choose to only see the positive side of life because it helps me become more effective at what I do.

As a business mentor, I provide encouragement to people. I motivate them to take the leap and stand up.

When you face a challenge, there are only two options: grow up, or give up. Which one will you take?…

Business Opportunities in Cosplay

Many might scoff at the fact that some people love wearing costumes of their favorite animated characters or superheroes or video game characters and act like them but “cosplay” (“costume play”), as it is popularly called, has evolved beyond being just a hobby as quite a number of cosplayers have turned their fascinations into businesses and careers.

The term cosplay, coined in Japan in 1984, represented a niche segment of popular culture in Japan, other parts of Asia, and the Western world and has since garnered enough popularity for it to become a fixture at fan conventions. There are even dedicated cosplay conventions around the world.…